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This category contains biography articles within the scope of the Biography WikiProject. Articles are automatically added to this category by using the project banner template.


Living is a parameter found in the coding of the WikiProject Biography box, or {{WikiProject banner shell}}. Its usage is given at Template:WikiProject Biography. A person known to be dead should be explicitly marked as such.

If an article in this list is not directly about person(s), then it should not be tagged with Template:WikiProject Biography and appropriate replacement WikiProject(s) should be added to the talk page. A list of WikiProjects can be found here. For example, an office such as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should not be marked with the banner template, but a musical band such as Pink Floyd should be tagged.

When an article is about many persons (such as a list of persons), the editor needs to see if at least one of the persons is still alive. If they are then living=y should be used. If all persons in the list are dead then living=n should be used.

Although many (but not all) errors in the category can automatically be fixed by BattyBot, fixing your own errors is the best practice.

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