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IndustryVisual arts
Founded2008; 12 years ago
  • Lope Serrano
  • Nicolás Méndez
  • Luis Cerveró
Area served
Key people
  • Lope Serrano (CD)
  • Nicolás Méndez (CD)
  • Alba Barneda (HOP)
SubsidiariesCANADA London

CANADA is a creative production company headquartered in the Poblenou district in Barcelona, Spain with bases in London and Los Angeles. The company specialises in the global production and direction of music videos, commercials and short films. Works include music videos for Dua Lipa, Tame Impala and Rosalía, as well as TV spots for Louis Vuitton, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and Apple among many others.[1][2] CANADA is partnered with Diplomats in France, Rekorder in Germany and Pulse Films in North America.

In 2021 CANADA decided to bet fully on sustainability, implementing a shooting work methodology to reduce the footprint of its activity on the planet.


In 2008, directors Nicolás Méndez, Lope Serrano and Luis Cerveró, who worked from the same artistic perspective, decided to join forces to improve and develop their own initiative focused on the audiovisual sector after working for many years for different companies. Global Head of Production and partner Alba Barneda has been a key part of the CANADA collective since its foundation. It was founded during the 2008 worldwide economic crisis and the Spanish financial crisis that lasted for almost six years starting in 2008.[3] In 2010, it made a breakthrough by producing a music video for El Guincho's track "Bombay", which went viral on Vimeo and was named the best music video of the year by Rockdelux.[4] This meteoric increase in popularity attracted projects from the United Kingdom, where they created work for bands like Scissor Sisters, The Vaccines and Battles.

After a few years represented by the production company Partizan, the group decided to change partners, trying, in this way, to approach to the production sector and founded an office in London, UK. Before opening alone officially in Los Angeles, from December 2012 until June 2020 the company was represented in the United States by Roman Coppola, the founder and owner of The Directors Bureau.[5][2]

In the mid-2010s the company helped to put local artists such as Bad Gyal, C. Tangana or Rosalía on the map internationally. After the latter released her hit single "Malamente" in May 2018 and its music video directed by CANADA received universal acclaim to the point that it was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video and was named Video of the Year by Pitchfork, the company grew exponentially, directing at the end of the decade and beginning of the next one music videos for internationally known artists from Travis Scott to Dua Lipa.[6] CANADA was also responsible for the commercials campaigns for brands such as Louis Vuitton, as well as for the 2020 Gaudí Cinema Awards spot.[7]


Year Song Artist Director
Music Videos
2010 "Bombay" El Guincho CANADA
"Invisible Light" Scissor Sisters
2011 "All in White" The Vaccines
"Ice Cream" Battles
2012 "New Lands" Justice CANADA
2013 "Ardiente Figura" Extraperlo Roger Guàrdia
"Can't Stop Now" The Aston Shuffle Penascola
"Desfachatez" Fangoria Marçal Forés
"Destitute Time" Delorean Roger Guàrdia
"Fases" Mates Mates
"Fieras" Extraperlo
"Fina Vanidad"
"Heat" Furguson
"Meteoritos en Hawaii" Papa Topo
"Resplandor" Extraperlo
"Sangre en los Zapatos" Papa Topo
"The Big Shift" Maia Vidal Pablo Maestres
"Trying To Be Cool" Phoenix CANADA
"You Should Know" Breakbot
2014 "Antes O Después" Fangoria Virgili Jubero
"Galaxy Gun" Sleepy Sun Gerson Aguerri
"Gardenias" Elsa De Alfonso Y Los Prestigio Marçal Forés
"L'Ós" La Iaia Marc Oller
"Me Gusta Que Me Pegues" Los Punsetes CANADA
"Move With You" Jacob Banks
"Stay Awhile" She & Him
2015 "Body Talk" Foxes Virgili Jubero
"Come Home Baby" The Charlatans Dario Peña
"Davey Crockett / All My Loving" The Parrots, Hinds
"Garden" Hinds
"Handsome" The Vaccines Gerson Aguerri
"La Tejedora" Christina Rosenvinge Darío Peña
"Make You Mine" Family of the Year Marc Oller
"The Less I Know The Better" Tame Impala CANADA
"The Yabba" Battles Roger Guàrdia
"Till I Found You" Josef Salvat Darío Peña
"Tu Casa Nueva" El Último Vecino Gerson Aguerri
"Your Brain Is Made Of Candy" Mourn Roger Guàrdia
2016 "Antes de Morirme" C. Tangana, Rosalía MANSON
"Comix" El Guincho Roger Guàrdia
"Geometría Polisentimental" Fangoria
"Irrational Friend" Mourn
"Siempre" Agorazein MANSON
"Singular" Anna Bonny Chloe Wallace
"Itch" Nothing But Thieves Darío Peña
"Warts" Hinds
"What's It Gonna Be?" Shura
2017 "Aquí Y Ahora" Hidrogenesse
"Chill Aquí" Extraperlo MANSON
"Up All Night" Beck CANADA
"Química (Dance With Me)" Bomba Estéreo
"De Plata" Rosalía MANSON
"Don't Matter Now" George Ezra Marc Oller
"Hula Hoop 8000" Monarchy Virgili Jubero
"Faithless" Flyte CANADA
"Mala Mujer" C. Tangana MANSON
"Me Voy" Ibeyi, Mala Rodríguez
"Nicest Cocky" Bad Gyal Roger Guàrdia
"Persiguiéndonos" C. Tangana Manson
"Telephone" The Zephyr Bones Roger Guàrdia
2018 "Candela" Bad Gyal MANSON
"Cry Bird" Tennyson Darío Peña
"Dazed By The Desert" Zeeland Femke Huurdeman
"L.A." Mujeres Marc Oller
"Malamente" Rosalía Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA
"No Chance" Jarami
"Pienso en Tu Mirá" Rosalía
"Saturn Is Not That Far Away" Stella McCartney Kids Roger Guàrdia
"Wrong Turn" Blanche Nur Casadevall
"Yo Sigo Iual" Bad Gyal Cyprien Clément-Delmas
2019 "Crowns" North State Nur Casadevall
"Deal Wiv It" Mura Masa, Slowthai Yoni Lappin
"Exits" Foals Albert Moya
"Harleys in Hawaii" Katy Perry MANSON
"Me Quedo" Aitana, Lola Indigo Réalité
"No Hope Generation" Mura Masa Yoni Lappin
"No Te Debí Besar" C. Tangana, Paloma Mami ROGELIO
"Religion" Shura Chloe Wallace
"Toutes les Machines Ont Un Cœur" Maëlle Nur Casadevall
"Zorra" Bad Gyal Cyprien Clément-Delmas
2020 "Aprendiendo el Sexo" Alba Farelo
"Limitless" Sudan Archives Femke Huurdeman
"Physical" Dua Lipa Lope Serrano aka CANADA
"Stay" Dora Marc Oller
"TKN" Rosalía, Travis Scott Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA
2021 "Love Again" Dua Lipa Lope Serrano aka CANADA
"Mirror" Sigrid Femke Huurdeman
"Muñequita Linda" Najwa Bàrbara Farré
"Perra" Rigoberta Bandini Irene Moray
"Ya No Vales" Alizzz, C. Tangana Félix Bollain
2022 Motomami TikTok Live Rosalía STILLZ
"La Canción Que No Quiero Cantarte" Amaia, Aitana Virgili Jubero
"El Pañuelo" Romeo Santos, Rosalía Roger Guàrdia
"Tu Casa Nueva" El Último Vecino Gerson Aguerri
"Sin Carné" Bad Gyal MANSON
2023 "Colmillo" Tainy, J Balvin, Young Miko, Jowell & Randy Pau Carrete
"Sirens" Travis Scott CANADA
2024 "I Luv It" Camila Cabello Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA


Year Project Artist Institution Recognition Result
2010 "Bombay" El Guincho Rockdelux Music Video of the Year Won
2017 "Mala Mujer" C. Tangana Los40 Music Awards Best National Video of the Year Nominated
2018 "Up All Night" Beck The Recording Academy Best Music Video Nominated
"Pienso en tu Mirá" Rosalía UK Music Video Awards Best Pop Video - International Nominated
"Malamente" The Latin Recording Academy Best Short Form Music Video Nominated
Rober Awards Music Prize Best Promo Video Nominated
UK Music Video Awards Best Production Design in a Video Nominated
Best Pop Video - International Won
Pitchfork Music Video of the Year Won
2019 Design and Art Direction Best Direction Won
Best Music Video Won
Premios Lo Nuestro Video of the Year Nominated
"Pienso en tu Mirá" MTV Millennial Awards Video of the Year Nominated
"Me Quedo" Aitana
Lola Indigo
Los40 Music Awards Best National Video of the Year Nominated
2020 "Malamente" Rosalía Premios Odeón Best Music Video Nominated
"Harleys in Hawaii" Katy Perry MTV Video Music Awards Best Cinematography Nominated
"Physical" Dua Lipa Best Art Direction Nominated
Best Visual Effects Won
NRJ Music Awards Video of the Year Nominated
Camerimage Best Music Video Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
UK Music Video Awards Best Pop Video Nominated
Best Production Design in a Video Nominated
Best Styling in a Video Nominated
Best Editing in a Video Nominated
Los40 Music Awards Best International Video Pending
"TKN" Rosalía
Travis Scott
Latin Grammy Awards Best Short Form Music Video Won
UK Music Video Awards Best Pop Video - International Nominated
Los40 Music Awards Best Latin Music Video Pending
2021 "Physical" Dua Lipa Gold Derby Music Awards Best Music Video Pending
2021 "Love Again" Dua Lipa UK Music Video Awards Best Pop Video Won
2021 "Straight to the Morning" Hot Chip ft Jarvis Cocker UK Music Video Awards Best Alternative Video Won


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