Battle of Chalagan

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Battle of Chalagan
Part of the Turkoman invasions of Georgia
DateDecember, 1412
Result Qara Qoyunlu victory
Qara Qoyunlu  Kingdom of Georgia
Princedom of Simsim[1][2]
Commanders and leaders
Abu Nasr Qara Yusuf
Yar Ahmed Qaramanli
Constantine I (POW
Ibrahim I (POW)
Syed Ahmed Orlat
Unknown 2,000 Georgians
Unknown number of Shirvanese and Durdzuks

The Battle of Chalagan was fought between the Qara Qoyunlu and the allied forces of Kingdom of Georgia, the Princedom of Simsim and Shirvanshah at Chalagan, Azerbaijan, in December 1412, and resulted in Qara Qoyunlu’s victory.


The conflict was preceded by the fall of the Timurid Empire immediately after the death of the great conqueror Timur (1405) and the subsequent clashes between the various clans in Azerbaijan.

Qara Yusuf marched on Shirvan, where Shirvanshah Ibrahim I, a loyal Timurid vassal was still reigning. Shirvan's former ally the Karabakh ruler Yar Ahmed Qaramanli sided with Qara Yusuf, while Ibrahim joined his forces with the ruler of Shaki, Syed Ahmed Orlat and King Constantine I of Georgia, who marched in the head of 2,000 Georgian cavalry to support the Shirvanese allies.[3]

A major battle was fought at the village Chalagan in December 1412 and ended in a decisive defeat of the allies. Ibrahim and Constantine fell at the hands of the fierce enemy. The Georgian king, his brother, and 300 Georgian officers were beheaded by the orders of Abu Nasr Qara Yusuf.[3]


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