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American Society of Landscape Architects

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American Society of Landscape Architects
Formation1899; 125 years ago (1899)
Founded atNew York City, New York, United States
TypeProfessional association
HeadquartersWashington, D.C., U.S.
15,000+ (as of 2019)
Official language
Torey Carter-Conneen

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is a professional association for landscape architects in the United States. The ASLA's mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship.[1]


An ASLA plaque at their headquarters in Washington, D.C., in 2016

ASLA was established on January 4, 1899, in New York City by a group of eleven founding members: President John Charles Olmsted, Nathan Franklin Barrett, Beatrix Farrand, Daniel W. Langton, Charles N. Lowrie, Warren H. Manning, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., Samuel Parsons, George F. Pentecost Jr., Ossian Cole Simonds, and Downing Vaux.[2][3] In 1960, the headquarters was moved to Washington, D.C.. The first Black member of the ASLA was Charles Edgar Dickinson.[4]

The ASLA bestows various awards annually to professionals and students in the field of landscape architecture for designs and projects. Categories range in size, scale, and type from small residential areas to large parks and waterfronts. Their lifetime achievement award is called the American Society of Landscape Architects Medal.[5]

Past presidents

Name Years
John Charles Olmsted 1899-1901
Samuel Parsons 1901-1902
Nathan Franklin Barrett 1902-1903
John Charles Olmsted (2) 1903-1905
Samuel Parsons (2) 1905-1907
Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. 1907-1909
Charles N. Lowrie 1909-1911
Harold A. Caparn 1911-1912
Ossian Cole Simonds 1912-1913
Warren H. Manning 1913-1914
James Sturgis Pray 1914-1918
Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (2) 1918-1922
James Leal Greenleaf 1922-1927
Arthur Asahel Shurcliff 1927-1931
Henry Vincent Hubbard 1931-1935
Albert Davis Taylor 1935-1941
S. Herbert Hare 1941-1945
Markley Stevenson 1945-1949
Gilmore David Clarke 1949-1951
Lawrence G. Linnard 1951-1953
Leon Zach 1953-1957
Norman Newton 1957-1961
John I. Rogers 1961-1963
John O. Simonds 1963-1965
Hubert B. Owens 1965-1967
Name Years
Theodore Osmundson 1967-1969
Campbell E. Miller 1969-1971
Raymond L. Freeman 1971-1973
William G. Swain 1973-1974
Owen H. Peters 1974-1975
Edward H. Stone II 1975-1976
Benjamin W. Gary Jr. 1976-1977
Lane L. Marshall 1977-1978
Jot D. Carpenter 1978-1979
Robert L. Woerner 1979-1980
William A. Behnke 1980-1981
Calvin T. Bishop 1981-1982
Theodore J. Wirth 1982-1983
Darwina L. Neal 1983-1984
Robert H. Mortensen 1984-1985
John Wacker 1985-1986
Roger B. Martin 1986-1987
Cheryl L. Barton 1987-1988
Brian S. Kubota 1988-1989
Gerald D. Patten 1989-1990
Claire R. Bennett 1990-1991
Cameron R. J. Man 1991-1992
Debra L. Mitchell 1992-1993
Thomas P. Papandrew 1993-1994
Dennis Y. Otsuji 1994-1995
Name Years
Vincent Bellafiore 1995-1996
Donald W. Leslie 1996-1997
Thomas R. Dunbar 1997-1998
Barry W. Starke 1998-1999
Janice Cervelli 1999-2000
Leonard J. Hopper 2000-2001
Rodney L. Swink 2001-2002
Paul F. Morris 2002-2003
Susan L. B. Jacobson 2003-2004
Patrick A. Miller 2004-2005
Dennis B. Carmichael 2005-2006
Patrick W. Caughey 2006-2007
Perry Howard 2007-2008
Angela D. Dye 2008-2009
Gary D. Scott 2009-2010
Jonathan Mueller 2010-2011
Susan M. Hatchell 2011-2012
Thomas R. Tavella 2012-2013
Mark A. Focht 2013-2014
K. Richard Zweifel 2014-2015
Chad D. Danos 2015-2016
Vaughn B. Rinner 2016-2017
Gregory A. Miller 2017-2018
Shawn T. Kelly 2018–2019
Wendy Miller 2019–2020
Tom Mroz 2020–Present


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