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WikiProject Women in Music
Comtesse Charlotte Elisabeth de Selve (1787)
CategoriesWikiProject Women in Music articles, Women in music
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Biography, Music
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CSBRelevant for countering systemic bias

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Music, a WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biographies of women in music. Unfortunately, part of Wikipedia's systemic bias is that women in music are underrepresented. Let's change that!



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Get involved

  • Tag the talk pages of relevant articles with the {{WikiProject Women in music}} banner so they can be automatically added to Category:WikiProject Women in music articles. See the Assessment page for further information.
  • Improve categorization of articles (see the category tree).
  • Create or translate a woman writer's biography; a redlinks list is maintained at Missing Articles List.
  • Expand or improve women writer biographies.
  • Cite edits with reliable sources. Content that isn't cited can be removed!
  • Remove templates from article pages after you successfully complete the task or fix the problem.
  • Requested tasks: Sometimes a larger cleanup activity needs a little more help than one editor can do. If you have a project that would be best completed with community help, add it here (please add tasks as bulleted (*) tasks so that they can be easily tracked below). This lists should not be for listing individual pages to work on: this is part of the reason for the article assessment system described elsewhere on this page. Rather, try to propose more systematic projects.
  • Find inspiration in example articles: The articles in the Featured article and Good article categories can provide examples of good layout and content coverage.

If you need help

  • Biography of living person
  • Infobox for musicians, singers, rappers, etc
  • Invitation to WikiProject Women in music
  • Library resources box
  • Project banner for talk pages
  • Userbox for project participants
  • Stub

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When creating a missing article, please place it in Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in music/Articles created so the project can keep track of progress.

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