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Politics of the United Kingdom


Devoted to improving coverage of British politics on Wikipedia.

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Politics of the United Kingdom
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Welcome to the project page of the Politics of the United Kingdom WikiProject! The project is made up of a group of editors who are interested in British politics, and who would like to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of the subject. We create, revise and refurbish all kinds of articles within the project scope, which is listed below. Please feel free to help out, and join our project, if you wish.

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See also project scope.

This project is intended to cover all aspects of Politics and Government within the United Kingdom. Given the broad range of topics that fall within this scope, there are several areas of overlap with similar projects (such as WikiProject UK Parliament constituencies).

Where a subject is already supported by a more focussed project or work group, the more focussed project should take the lead. This project will act in a support role for the more focussed projects and attempt to provide co-ordination between projects when necessary.

Suggestions are a great way to voice opinions!

If a more focussed project does not exist for a subject (or where the focussed project becomes inactive), this project will take direct responsibility for that subject.

Timeline scope


The project should cover the period from the creation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707, through the integration of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801, to the modern day. Articles relating to politics or government in England, Scotland or Wales before 1707 should only be adopted by the project if there was a continued effect on politics or government after the union. Likewise, articles relating to politics or government in Ireland before 1801 should only be adopted by the project if there was a continued effect on politics or government after the union.

Articles relating to the Republic of Ireland should not be adopted by this project unless they have a direct bearing on UK politics or government. Special care should be taken in adopting articles about Ireland around the 1920s; the Irish Free State was set up in 1922 but the UK's name wasn't changed to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland until 1927. If you are in doubt on whether an article should be adopted please discuss it on the talk page of this project first.

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  • 19 Jul 2024 – 2024 Speaker of the British House of Commons election (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Ravenpuff (t · c); see discussion (5 participants)
  • 02 Jul 2024Stella Assange (talk · edit · hist) AfDed by Longhornsg (t · c) was closed as keep by BusterD (t · c) on 16 Jul 2024; see discussion (9 participants; relisted)

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Article guidelines

  • /Constituencies - a guide to dealing with constituency articles (draft)
  • /Parties - a guide to dealing with UK political party articles (draft)
  • /Politicians - a guide to dealing with UK politician articles (draft)
  • /Ministries - a guide to dealing with UK ministry articles (draft)