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Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (May 5 to 11, 2024)[edit]

Prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, Vestrian24Bio, Bucket of sulfuric acid, CAWylie, Ollieisanerd and Shuipzv3.

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India has a strong presence, but not in the top spot, as an annual musical extravaganza leads.

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Eurovision Song Contest 2024 1,637,212 Love, love, peace, peace...

This year's edition of Eurovision, taking place throughout the week and ending on 11 May, was highly turbulent and divisive amongst viewers, with drama upon drama taking place before the contest: an entire act being disqualified last minute, leaks, voting decisions from certain parts of the audience deemed highly questionable by some, and a lot of general criticism going towards the event organisers for managing these problems poorly.

In the end, the Swiss singer Nemo came out on top with the song "The Code", garnering over 591 points in the Grand Final and giving Switzerland their first win since 1988.

Some viewers have pointed out how, all after all of these divisions and scandals related to the contest, it was perhaps only fitting that the one country known best for its neutrality ended up winning it all...

2 2024 Indian general election 1,413,382 The world's second biggest population went to choose its parliament, and with 970 million eligible to vote, the process lasts 44 days. Expect this article to remain here until June.
3 Drake–Kendrick Lamar feud 1,272,931 "Beef is doing big, big business right now." This rap feud involving #6 and #7 has been going since 2010s, but its been escalating since March 2024, and saw a real feud with back-to-back releases from both rappers in the last few weeks; which includes "Not Like Us" and "The Heart Part 6", "Family Matters" and "Meet the Grahams", "Euphoria" and "6:16 in LA" and more.
4 Heeramandi 1,173,944 Netflix released this Indian period drama about the tawaifs of Heera Mandi during the Indian independence movement, who went from entertainers to prostitutes as the British Raj turned the place into a red-light district.
5 Indian Premier League 1,143,814 In the 2024 edition of the League, with two teams eliminated and one qualified; The race to the Playoffs intensifies, as the remaining 7 teams battle for the 3 spots left.
6 Drake (musician) 1,014,746 These rappers (one from Toronto, the other from Compton) are the main two parties that have been involved in a rap feud (#3) since the early 2010s, which escalated in March 2024. The lyrical content included Drake accusing Kendrick of beating his wife and Kendrick calling Drake a pedophile.
7 Kendrick Lamar 1,007,554
8 Steve Albini 986,335 A musician best known for an extensive career as a producer, that included albums for Nirvana, The Pixies, The Breeders, PJ Harvey, The Jesus Lizard, The Stooges, and Page and Plant, Steve Albini died of a heart attack at the age of 61.
9 Richard Gadd 966,238 Gadd created and starred in #13, based on his experiences of being sexually assaulted and stalked. While Gadd has asked fans to stop speculating the identities of people who inspired the show, a woman has claimed to be the inspiration of the stalker in the show, denied sending Gadd thousands of emails or visiting his home, and has threatened to sue Gadd and Netflix.
10 Deaths in 2024 956,401 From one album #8 helped make:
Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld
So I can sigh eternally...
11 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes 944,098 War for the Planet of the Apes closed an inspired trilogy 7 years ago, but there are clearly more stories to be told in a world of talking apes (#21). Wes Ball directs a movie set generations after Caesar, where an ambitious bonobo is trying to forcibly unite many ape clans, being opposed by a young member of a tribe of falconer chimpanzees and a woman who is a reminder of when humans were the dominant species. Continuing the franchise's good streak, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes earned positive reviews and had a big opening weekend earning $129 million worldwide.
12 Bernard Hill 929,892 The English character actor best known for portraying Captain Edward Smith in Titanic and King Théoden in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy died on 5 May aged 79. His roles in these films made him the only actor to appear in two films of the three which have won 11 Oscars.
13 Baby Reindeer 916,061 This television series created and starring #9 continues to enjoy high viewership figures on Netflix.
14 Anthony Edwards (basketball) 816,183 As the 2024 NBA playoffs roll on, one of the leading players of the Minnesota Timberwolves, also known as "Ant-Man", is lighting up the scoreboards as if he was the second coming of Kobe Bryant, including three games with over 40 points. Remains to be seen if the Wolves of Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns will eliminate the defending champions Denver Nuggets to reach the second conference final in franchise history.
15 Nicholas Galitzine 735,969 The English actor starred in #17 as the lead singer of a popular boy band who began a romance with an older single mother (played by #24). It's his third straight Prime Video film after Bottoms and Red, White & Royal Blue.
16 Nava Mau 709,202 #13 has this trans Mexican actress as the girlfriend of #9's protagonist.
17 The Idea of You 705,144 This romantic comedy film, adapted by Michael Showalter (pictured) from a novel by Robinne Lee and starring #15 and #24, was released on Amazon Prime Video on May 2, and has received generally positive reviews.
18 Drew Bledsoe 695,092 While the Comedy Central Roast hasn't returned, Netflix chimed in with The Roast of Tom Brady. And amusingly the most viewed person in that wasn't Tom Brady himself (who'd only rank at #30), but one of his former teammates who roasted him, namely the previous New England Patriots quarterback whose injury led to Brady entering the starting roster.
19 UEFA Champions League 589,844 Following the semifinals, the 2024 UEFA Champions League final is set, with Borussia Dortmund (seeking its second title) and Real Madrid (who've won 14 already) about to hit Wembley Stadium on June 1.
20 Manjummel Boys 580,286 3 months after its theatrical release that turned it into the highest-grossing Mollywood movie ever, this survival thriller about a group of friends trapped in the Guna Caves was added to Disney+ Hotstar.
21 Planet of the Apes 570,492 Pierre Boulle wrote a sci-fi book in 1963 regarding a planet of intelligent great apes and didn't think it was good adaptation material. Yet the 1968 film became a seminal work, leading to many follow-ups (#11 is the tenth movie in the franchise!), TV series, comics, merchandise, etc. (and in my country, this catchy song)
22 Joselu 563,939 On May 8, this German-born Spaniard scored Real Madrid's only two goals late to send them to the finals of #19.
23 Shaitaan (2024 film) 561,467 Bollywood went the horror route, remaking a Dhollywood film while keeping its main actress to tell the story of a family afflicted by a black magic curse.
24 Anne Hathaway 555,209 The American actress with quite a career (including an Academy Award for Les Misérables and two movies that earned over a billion dollars) stars in #17, playing a single mother who starts a relationship with the lead singer of a boy band younger than her, played by #15.
25 Bambie Thug 547,457 Keeping off Nikki Glaser, who like #18 roasted Tom Brady, is a return to the topic atop this page, namely the performer for Ireland's song "Doomsday Blue". The singer's outspoken attitude in criticizing the Israel-Hamas war also led to a cover of Ireland's best known protest song, "Zombie".


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