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WaltCip is dealing with mental health problems in real life and will be ceasing failed to cease editing for a while.




I have been a Wikipedia editor since 2006. My userspace contributions are very low, and I admit that in full. Most of my interests pertain to the following areas of Wikipedia:

I have also authored: Wikipedia:How ITN works (and how it doesn't), which I hope will eventually be a useful essay for ITN newcomers and regulars. Please feel free to give your feedback and contribute to the essay.

Other essays I've been working on:

  • Retyrement - What happens when a retired user is still editing?
  • Death by proposals - How discussions that agree something must be done, but not how to do it, results in nothing being done.
  • DICE standard - The best way to measure significance on ITN.

Some potential essay ideas (going to toss them here as I think of them):

Warmest regards and best wishes.