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I'm Thebiguglyalien (he/him), but I also answer to TBUA, BUA, and Alien. I'm a lifelong resident of Arizona, and I have a bachelor's degree in political science. I created my account in 2015, my first edit was in 2017, and I became a regular contributor in February 2022.

Most of my contributions involve content writing, often overhauling unloved articles to get them to good article status. I also engage in review work from time to time. You might see me around Women in Green, Good Article Nominations, or any one of the brief interests I pursue before moving on to something else.

I edit in several areas, but my main focuses are history and political science. I also edit extensively about Botswana, because I believe systemic bias is best fought with deep coverage rather than wide but shallow coverage. If you are reading this, I challenge you to pick an underrepresented country and write everything you can about it.

Any allegations that I'm an alien from Mars bent on intergalactic conquest are entirely baseless and unfounded.

Source Wishlist

These sources are essential for articles I wish to work on. One day, I shall get my hands on them.

  • Britannica Book of the Year, 2004. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2004. ISBN 978-1-59339-100-3. – Covers the events of 2003
  • Britannica Book of the Year, 2005. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2005. ISBN 978-1-59339-246-8. – Covers the events of 2004
  • Kenilorea, Peter (2008). Moore, Clive (ed.). Tell it as it is: autobiography of Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Kenilorea, KBE, PC, Solomon Islands' first prime minister. Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies. ISBN 978-986-01-4497-0.
  • Marvel's Fantastic Four: The First 60 Years. Titan Books. 2022. ISBN 978-1-78773-315-2.

Promoted Articles

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First ladies of the United States
History and social sciences
Federalist Papers
Entertainment and media
Marvel Comics

Articles I've Reviewed
GAN unless otherwise noted. PR in italics. FAC in bold.
  1. Ryukyu dog (rev)
  2. Betty Hall (nom)
  3. Shannon Lucid (nom)
  4. The Immaculate Collection (nom)
  5. Rajani Pandit (nom)
  6. Katie Sierra free speech case (nom)
  7. The Bone People (nom)
  8. Agnes Weinrich (nom)
  9. Jessica Martin (nom)
  10. Rubel Phillips (nom)
  11. Daniel Parke (nom)
  12. Trust (Elvis Costello album) (nom)
  13. Handcream for a Generation (nom)
  14. Bernie Wrightson (nom)
  15. 30 Goes Around the Sun (nom)
  16. Knowledge (nom)
  17. Illusory Walls (nom)
  18. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo (nom)
  19. Duran Duran (1981 album) (nom)
  20. Purple shore crab (nom)
  21. Presidential transition of John F. Kennedy (nom)
  22. Kandake of the Sudanese Revolution (nom)
  23. Redistricting in Texas (nom)
  24. Ellie Black (nom)
  25. Angela Farmer (nom)
  26. Hidilyn Diaz (nom)
  27. Where Is the Feeling? (nom)
  28. Yella Hertzka (nom)
  29. Mi Buen Amor (Gloria Estefan song) (nom)
  30. Everywhere (Michelle Branch song) (nom)
  31. Australiformis (nom)
  32. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (nom)
  33. Unwanted (album) (nom)
  34. Misanthropy (nom)
  35. Seven and the Ragged Tiger (nom)
  36. Dopethrone (nom)
  37. 1987 Forsyth County protests (nom)
  38. Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 (nom)
  39. Joe Camel (nom)
  40. The Night Before (song) (nom)
  41. 1922 Austin twin tornadoes (nom)
  42. Jorge Sampaio (nom)
  43. Captain America (nom)
  44. The Courage to Be Free (nom)
  45. Orangeburg massacre (nom)
  46. My Little Red Book (nom)
  47. When I Die, Will I Get Better? (nom)
  48. Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone (nom)
  49. KNP Complex Fire (nom)
  50. Treacherous (Taylor Swift song) (nom)
  51. Governor of North Carolina (nom)
  52. William L. Breckinridge (nom)
  53. Gatlinburg Bypass (nom)
  54. 2023 Djerba shooting (nom)
  55. Philosophy (nom)
  56. Bejeweled (song) (nom)
  57. Those Once Loyal (nom)
  58. 1989 Serbian general election (nom)
  59. Nicholas Russo (nom)
  60. Not the End of the World (song) (nom)
  61. Kim Janey (nom)
  62. Jack of All Parades (nom)
  63. No Saint (nom)
  64. Batal Hajji Belkhoroev (nom)
  65. La Tortura (nom)
  66. Gingham dress of Judy Garland (nom)
  67. Phil Harvey (manager) (nom)
  68. Kingdom Rush (nom)
  69. Scotland County, North Carolina (nom)
  70. KCPQ (nom)
  71. Incapillo (nom)
  72. Don West (wrestling) (nom)
  73. Nestor Makhno (nom)
  74. MLS Cup 2019 (nom)
  75. Raffles Place MRT station (nom)
  76. The Spider (magazine) (nom)
  77. Stronger Than Jesus (nom)
  78. Inez Robb (nom)
  79. Jessica Alexander (nom)
  80. Reigning Still (nom)
  81. Liz Truss (nom)
  82. Ashraf Dehghani (nom)
  83. Patricia Banks Edmiston (nom)
  84. Doom (2016 video game) (nom)
  85. Stefon (rev)
  86. Aguilera (volcano) (rev)
  87. Alice of Champagne (rev)
  88. The Moxy Show (nom)
  89. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (nom)
  90. Demon Attack (nom)
  91. Weird Faith (nom)
  92. Happiness Begins (nom)
  93. René Merino Monroy (nom)
  94. Shaban Suli (nom)
  95. August Palmisano (nom)
  96. Giant panda (nom)
  97. Hypericum aciferum (nom)
  98. Masopha (nom)
  99. Religion in Minnesota (nom)
  100. 2010 Oklahoma State Question 755 (nom)
  101. Abu'l-Fath Khan Javanshir (nom)
  102. Quiero (Jerry Rivera song) (nom)
  103. Zhang Zhenglang (nom)
  104. Martinus Putuhena (nom)
  105. Haiti at the 1924 Summer Olympics (nom)
  106. Rodolfo Calle (nom)