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Hi there. This is my page :)

Resources and references[edit]


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About my Wiki activities[edit]

I formally registered as a Wikipedian in April 2006, but had used, enjoyed, admired and occasionally edited Wiki as an unregistered user for a year or two prior to that.

I have a wide range of interests, but my primary interest is probably history, and history articles are what I spend most of my time on. I am also a regular contributor to DYK, where my primary activities these days are reviewing submissions and contributing to DYK discussions.

Inactivity statement[edit]

In the event that I become inactive for a period of six months or more without explanation, I hereby give permission for any user in good standing to work on or complete any articles in my sandbox and to move them to mainspace, or to utilize their content in the content of other articles. Gatoclass (talk) 06:24, 31 August 2011 (UTC)


My contributions
Pages I have made substantial contributions to[edit]
Pages I have wasted considerable energy on[edit]

Articles created (344 total)[edit]

Biology (1)[edit]


Christmas-related (4)[edit]

Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection[1]Pancho ClausWombat DivineA Rubber Band Christmas

Australian composers (5)[edit]

Roy AgnewRaymond HansonDulcie HollandFrank HutchensWilliam G. James

Maritime artists and historians[edit]

Erik Heyl

Other biography (3)[edit]

Odd Bull[2]Frank McEncroeBeverley Wang

Frank Freeman-related (13)[edit]

Frank Freeman (architect)Brooklyn Savings Bank (building)Brooklyn Union Gas Company HeadquartersBrooklyn WaterworksBushwick Democratic Club HouseCrescent Athletic Club HouseEagle Warehouse & Storage CompanyGermania Club HouseHerman Behr MansionHotel MargaretOld Brooklyn Fire HeadquartersThomas Jefferson Association BuildingVilla Maria

Other architecture (2)[edit]

Harriman Historic District[3]Palazzo Filangeri-Cutò, Santa Margherita di Belice

Technology (2)[edit]

Creusot steam hammerMarine steam engine

Shipbuilders (7)[edit]

Edward P. MorseJohn RoachThomas F. RowlandIsaac C. SmithT. J. SouthardWilliam H. WebbHenry Wimshurst

Shipbuilding firms (12)[edit]

Atlantic MarineBirely, Hillman & StreakerContinental Iron Works[2]Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine WorksJohn Roach & SonsMerchant Shipbuilding CorporationNeafie & LevyReaney, Son & ArchboldSkinner & EddyStabilimento Tecnico Triestino[1]Western Pipe and Steel CompanyZidell Companies

Marine engineers (3)[edit]

T. F. SecorWilson SmallAlban C. Stimers

Marine engineering and related firms (12)[edit]

Allaire Iron WorksChester Pipe and Tube CompanyChester Rolling MillCombination Steel and Iron CompanyMorse Dry Dock and Repair CompanyEtna Iron WorksHowell WorksJoshua Hendy Iron WorksMorgan Iron WorksRiley & CowleyStandard Steel Casting CompanyWest Street Foundry

Shipmasters (1)[edit]

William D. Gregory

Clipper ships (4)[edit]

GravinaHurricaneSanta ClausTejuca

Steamboats (11)[edit]

BristolChauncey VibbardClara ClaritaCommonwealthDaniel WebsterHenry EckfordNew York (1836)ProvidenceThomas PowellSanta ClausYankee.[2]

Merchant steamships (14)[edit]

ArchimedesBalticCity of PekingCity of TokioFairsky[2]SS Governor CobbPacificPan KraftSavannahTuff-E-NuffPennsylvaniaOhioIndianaIllinois

Steamship classes (1)[edit]

Pennsylvania-class steamship

U.S. troopships converted in 1917 (6)[edit]

Black ArrowEtenOtsegoPaysanduRadnorSanta Olivia

Skinner & Eddy freighters (15)[edit]

EdentonWest CresseyWest ElcajonWest ElcascoWest EldaraWest GotomskaWest HavenWest HobomacWest HosokieWest HumhawWest LashawayWest LoquassuckWest MahometWest MaximusWestern Front

Pawtuxet-class cutters (7)[edit]

Pawtuxet-class cutterUSRC AshuelotUSRC KankakeeUSRC KewaneeUSRC Levi WoodburyUSRC PawtuxetUSRC Wayanda

US Navy ship class articles (18)[edit]

Achelous class repair shipAmphitrite class monitorArthur Middleton class attack transportBayfield class attack transportCasco class monitorCrescent City class attack transportDoyen class attack transportFrederick Funston class attack transportGilliam class attack transport[2]Harris class attack transportHeywood class attack transportMcCawley class attack transportOrmsby class attack transportPresident Jackson class attack transportStratford class transportSumter class attack transportUnadilla-class gunboatWindsor class attack transport

Ship design types (1)[edit]

Design 1013 ship

Bayfield class attack transports (24 of 34)[edit]

USS Clay (APA-39)USS Alpine (APA-92)USS Hampton (APA-115)USS Grafton (APA-109)[2]USS Barnstable (APA-93)USS Hanover (APA-116)USS Callaway (APA-35)USS Cecil (APA-96)USS Henrico (APA-45)USS Goshen (APA-108)USS Goodhue (APA-107)USS Knox (APA-46)USS Hansford (APA-106)USS Burleigh (APA-95)USS Leon (APA-48)USS Custer (APA-40)USS Dade (APA-99)USS Mendocino (APA-100)USS Elmore (APA-42)USS Fayette (APA-43)USS Montour (APA-101)USS Fremont (APA-44)USS Hamblen (APA-114)USS Westmoreland (APA-104).

Haskell class attack transports (27 of 117)[edit]

USS Menard (APA-201)USS Menifee (APA-202)USS Meriwether (APA-203)USS Sarasota (APA-204)USS Sibley (APA-206)USS Tazewell (APA-209)USS Telfair (APA-210)USS Montrose (APA-212)USS Mountrail (APA-213)USS Natrona (APA-214)USS Navarro (APA-215)USS Noble (APA-218) USS Okaloosa (APA-219)USS Okanogan (APA-220)USS Oneida (APA-221)USS Bingham (APA-225)USS Rawlins (APA-226)USS Renville (APA-227)USS Rockwall (APA-230)USS San Saba (APA-232)USS Sevier (APA-233)USS Bollinger (APA-234)USS Bottineau (APA-235)USS Bronx (APA-236)USS Bexar (APA-237)USS Dane (APA-238)USS Glynn (APA-239).

Gilliam class attack transports (24 of 32)[edit]

USS Appling (APA-58)USS Banner (APA-60)USS Bladen (APA-63)USS Bracken (APA-64)USS Briscoe (APA-65)USS Brule (APA-66)USS Carlisle (APA-69)USS Carteret (APA-70)USS Clarendon (APA-72)USS Cleburne (APA-73)USS Colusa (APA-74)USS Cortland (APA-75)USS Crenshaw (APA-76)USS Crittenden (APA-77)USS Cullman (APA-78)USS Dawson (APA-79)USS Elkhart (APA-80)USS Fallon (APA-81)USS Fergus (APA-82)USS Fillmore (APA-83)USS Garrard (APA-84)USS Gasconade (APA-85)USS Geneva (APA-86)USS Niagara (APA-87)

Windsor class attack transports (8 of 9)[edit]

USS Leedstown (APA-56)USS Adair (APA-91)USS Dauphin (APA-97)USS Dutchess (APA-98)USS Queens (APA-103)USS Shelby (APA-105)USS Griggs (APA-110)USS Grundy (APA-111).

Harris class attack transports (7 of 8)[edit]

USS Harris (APA-2)USS Leonard Wood (APA-12)USS Joseph T. Dickman (APA-13)USS Hunter Liggett (APA-14)USS Henry T. Allen (APA-15)USS J. Franklin Bell (APA-16)USS American Legion (APA-17).[4]

Sumter class attack transports (3 of 4)[edit]

USS Warren (APA-53)USS Wayne (APA-54)USS Baxter (APA-94).

Crescent City class attack transports (3 of 4)[edit]

USS Crescent City (APA-21)USS Charles Carroll (APA-28)USS Calvert (APA-32).

Ormsby class attack transports (complete set of 3)[edit]

USS Ormsby (APA-49)USS Pierce (APA-50)USS Sheridan (APA-51)

Frederick Funston class attack transports (2 of 2)[edit]

USS Frederick Funston (APA-89)USS James O'Hara (APA-90).

McCawley class attack transports (2 of 2)[edit]

USS McCawley (APA-4)USS Barnett (APA-5).

President Jackson class (3 of 7)[edit]

USS Thomas Stone (APA-29)USS President Polk (AP-103)USS President Monroe (AP-104).

Heywood class attack transport (1 of 4)[edit]

USS William P. Biddle (APA-8)

Arthur Middleton class (1 of 3)[edit]

USS George Clymer (APA-27)

Doyen class attack transport (1 of 2)[edit]

USS Doyen (APA-1)

General John Pope class transports (9 of 11)[edit]

General John PopeGeneral A. E. AndersonGeneral W. A. MannGeneral Henry W. ButnerGeneral William MitchellGeneral W. H. GordonGeneral W. P. RichardsonGeneral William WeigelGeneral J. C. Breckinridge.

Unique United States Navy transports (24)[edit]

USS William Ward Burrows (AP-6)USS Samaritan (AH-10)[4]USS Wakefield (AP-21)USS Mount Vernon (AP-22)USS Kent (AP-28)USS U. S. Grant (AP-29)USS Chateau Thierry (AP-31)USS St. Mihiel (AP-32)USS Republic (AP-33)USS John L. Clem (AP-36)USS Thomas H. Barry (AP-45)USS Lafayette (AP-53)USS Hermitage (AP-54)USS Monticello (AP-61)USS Lejeune (AP-74)USS Thurston (AP-77)USS George F. Elliott (AP-105)USNS David C. Shanks (T-AP-180)USNS Fred C. Ainsworth (T-AP-181)USNS George W. Goethals (T-AP-182)USNS Henry Gibbins (T-AP-183)USNS Aiken Victory (T-AP-188) • ‎USNS Lt. Raymond O. Beaudoin (T-AP-189), USS Supply (1873).

Owasco class cutters (complete set of 13)[edit]

USCGC Owasco (WHEC-39)USCGC Winnebago (WHEC-40)USCGC Chautauqua (WHEC-41)USCGC Sebago (WHEC-42)USCGC Iroquois (WHEC-43)USCGC Wachusett (WHEC-44)USCGC Escanaba (WHEC-64)USCGC Winona (WHEC-65)USCGC Klamath (WHEC-66)USCGC Minnetonka (WHEC-67)USCGC Androscoggin (WHEC-68)USCGC Mendota (WHEC-69)USCGC Pontchartrain (WHEC-70).

Other USCG cutters (4)[edit]

USCGC Seneca (1908)USCGC Ossipee (WPR-50)USCGC Tallapoosa (WPG-52)USCGC Cobb (WPG-181).

First ten USRC cutters (complete set of 10 plus one covering article makes 11)[edit]

USRC VigilantUSRC ActiveUSRC General GreenUSRC MassachusettsUSRC ScammelUSRC ArgusUSRC VirginiaUSRC DiligenceUSRC South CarolinaUSRC Eagle.

Miscellaneous ships (6)[edit]
Created from splits (4 - not included in overall total)[edit]

Stubs created (28)[edit]

Maritime (8)[edit]
Maritime disasters (6)[edit]
Biographies (4)[edit]
Books & publishing companies (5)[edit]
Other (5)[edit]


Templates (Heaps, this is just a few)[edit]
Disambig pages[edit]


  1. ^ a b Content originally created by me but later split into a separate article by another user.
  1. ^ a b Expanded from stub.
  2. ^ a b c d e f Actually, I didn't physically create this page since it already existed, but the original content was entirely penned by yours truly.
  3. ^ Co-authored by myself and Daniel Case.
  4. ^ a b This article was totally recreated, albeit from PD sources rather than original content.
  5. ^ a b Originally created from content at List of wars and disasters by death toll.


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For your excellent job of keeping the Next Update rolling during the busy Christmas season, I hereby award you a one of a kind Christmas barnstar! Thank you for all that you do! Royalbroil 16:22, 25 December 2007 (UTC)
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Excellent job! Congratulations on 50 DYKs! You have now reviewed and reported on more ships than some South American admirals. Congratulations on 50 DYKs! and a personal thank you for keeping the DYK update running... Admiral Gatoclass. Victuallers (talk) 18:37, 22 February 2008 (UTC)

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I hereby bestow this recognition on the occasion of reaching the coveted century mark, the triple-digit mark of achievement in the realm of DYK. Particular notice is given of all the fine quality handicraft you have done on all things nautical, especially regarding ships and shipbuilding. Who knew there were enough different boats to write so many articles? It is only fitting that the 100 mark was reached with a DYK triple consisting of two ships and a boat builder. Please accept this award as a token of recognition for your worthy accomplishment. Congratulations on the honor! Alansohn (talk) 05:03, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

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Gatoclass has been identified as an Awesome Wikipedian,
so I've officially declared today as Gatoclass's Day!
For being a great person and awesome Wikipedian,
enjoy being the star of the day, Gatoclass!

Signed, Neutralhomer

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