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Who I Am[edit]

I am a 44 years old office monkey. I travel, but not far. You'll find me in the kitchen at parties.

Wikipedia and I[edit]

I have been editing, creating pages, amending articles and the like since August 2004. I embarked on bringing the {{UKrailwaystations}} category as up to date as I can, but my general interests have also meant I have been amending national flags, band articles and Olympic information.

Whilst I don't think I can count the number of UK railway station articles created back when almost every line was missing, I worked on almost all northern branch lines to at least an acceptable stub level. Although this part of Wikipedia is not at the forefront of my attention, I continue to monitor them for updates and tinkering.

One of my proudest moment is getting Sark general election, 2008 created and then put on the In The News (and the front page!) . Since then, I appear to have become part of the fixtures and fittings of the In The News section and its connected purposes.

I am a deletionist. I have managed, or supported, the deletion of non-notable political party articles over many years, and in 2020 managed to get deleted through AfD a handful of political party articles which had no justification or reason to be on here. I have received some opposition to my view that political party articles often fail GNG and ORG policies. However, the increasing number of successful AfDs proves me correct and my opponents wrong. Wikipedia is NOT a gazetteer of political parties. I have successfully enabled the deletion of political party articles which fail WP:GNG, including the Patriotic Socialist Party, Friends Party, Radical Party, Christian Democratic Party, Independent Green Voice, Miss Great Britain Party, Freedom Alliance, and Free Scotland Party, amongst others. It's far too easy to register with the Electoral Commission and far too easy to create an article. I will always keep an eye out for articles that don't meet notability standards.

I'm an unsuccessful ArbCom and Admin nominee. I nominated myself for a role on the Arbitration panel for 2006, but had no confidence at all in success. This seems to be one of the reasons why the Support/Object ratio was something like 8:94 =) You win some...and you lose big time on the whole!

The biggest project I attempted - Constituencies in the next United Kingdom general election was a pleasure and a pain. Having created many of the new constituency articles for the House of Commons, I have endeavoured to do the same for the Scottish Parliament election, 2011. I spend much of my time on political and constituency articles - the 2021 Hartlepool by-election is the taking most of my current attention. You'll see much of my work at Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies, 2021 Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies and related pages, particularly constituency articles for UK general elections.

In total, I have created and amended a whole host of articles. My love of trivia brought me here, but some of the more technical elements - such as templates and tables - are leaving me a bit confused. I still live in hope I can get help in this regard.

In so many regards, I am a Pisces. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not a health industry shill. For further reassurance, I have not been a member of a political party for over a decade.

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