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Movement for Dignity and Citizenship

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Movement for Dignity and Citizenship
Movimiento por la Dignidad y la Ciudadanía
LeaderFatima Hamed
Founded27 October 2014
Split fromCaballas Coalition
HeadquartersC/Nicaragua Local, 6 - Ceuta
IdeologyCeutan autonomism
Political positionLeft-wing
Assembly of Ceuta
2 / 25

The Movement for Dignity and Citizenship (Spanish: Movimiento por la Dignidad y la Ciudadanía, MDyC) is a left-wing autonomist party in the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta.


The party was formed in 2014 as a split of the Caballas Coalition,[1] led by Fatima Hamed, the first Muslim woman to lead a political group in the Assembly of Ceuta.[2]

Since 2015, it is a parliamentary force in Ceuta, sitting in the opposition to the People's Party local governments.

In June 2023, MDyC decided not to contest the snap general election celebrated that year.[3]

Electoral results[edit]

Ceuta Assembly[edit]

Ceuta Assembly
Election Votes % Seats +/– Leading candidate Government
2015 3,265 11.17 (#4)
3 / 25
New Fatima Hamed Opposition
2019 2,353 6.96 (#4)
2 / 25
1 Opposition
2023 3,839 11.24 (#4)
3 / 25
1 Opposition


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