Kyŏn Sin-gŏm

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Kyŏn Sin-gŏm
King of Later Baekje
Reign15 November 935 – 936
Coronation15 November 935
PredecessorKyŏn Hwŏn
SuccessorDynasty abolished
(Taejo of Goryeo as the first King of Goryeo)
Era name and dates
Jeonggae (정개, 正開): 900–936
FatherKyŏn Hwŏn
MotherLady Sangwon
Kyŏn Sin-gŏm
Revised RomanizationGyeon Singeom
McCune–ReischauerKyŏn Sin'gŏm

Kyŏn Sin-gŏm (Korean견신검; Hanja甄神劍; ? – September 936,[1] r. 15 November 935 – 936[2]) was the second and final king of Later Baekje, one of the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea.[3] He came to the throne after conspiring with his two brothers, Yang-gŏm and Yong-gŏm, to overthrow their father Kyŏn Hwŏn and kill the anointed heir, their younger half-brother Kŭm-gang.[4][5]

The brothers placed Kyŏn Hwŏn in prison, but he was able to escape. Kyŏn Hwŏn led the Goryeo army against them in 936 AD at present-day Seonsan in Gumi city, destroying Kyŏn Sin-gŏm's army.[6][7]

King Taejo of Goryeo deemed that the plot was the work of Kyŏn Sin-gŏm's brothers, and granted Kyŏn Sin-gŏm a noble title. Accounts vary as to whether Yang-gŏm and Yong-gŏm were sent into exile or slain.

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Kyŏn Sin-gŏm
 Died: 936
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Later Baekje
Succeeded by