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Ceuta Ya!

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Ceuta Now!
Ceuta Ya!
LeaderMohamed Mustafa Ahmed
Founded15 October 2021
Preceded byCaballas Coalition
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Ceutan autonomism
Political positionLeft-wing
Assembly of Ceuta
2 / 25

Ceuta Ya! (literally "Ceuta Now!") is a Spanish political party in Ceuta. The party is left-wing and localist.[1]

The party was launched on 15 October 2021 by Mohamed Mustafa as a successor to the Caballas Coalition.[2] On 23 November, after the resignation of former Caballas leader Mohamed Alí, Mustafa was sworn in as his replacement in the Assembly of Ceuta.[3]

The party supports the elevation of Ceuta from an autonomous city to a full autonomous community, a policy also held by its predecessor.[2] At its launch, party figures spoke of uniting the people of Ceuta against what they considered to be divisive politics of nationwide parties, particularly Vox.[1]

In the 2023 Ceuta Assembly election, the party rose from 2,105 to 3,428 votes compared to its predecessor, going from one to two seats.[4]

Ceuta Ya! did not contest the 2023 general election, stating this decision was taken to prevent vote dispersion that would have benefitted Vox.[5]


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