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Category:Wikipedia style guideline proposals

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Category:Wikipedia style guideline proposals is for pages that propose a new Manual of Style guideline or otherwise make proposals concerning the Manual of Style. This category includes proposal pages marked as historical or otherwise not adopted. Proposals related to the Manual of Style page itelf should include a single space after the pipe in the category string. All other proposals should be listed in this category by topic.

Wikipedia proposals provides procedure details on how to go from proposal to Wikipedia style guideline. Proposals not accepted under those procedures are categorized here. We encourage people to write style guidelines on new topics, but group efforts work best. Please post a message at WT:Manual of Style if you desire to add a new style guideline to Wikipedia.

If a proposal is elevated to an actual style guideline, then the page containing the actual style guideline should be categorized in Category:Wikipedia style guidelines or an appropriate subcategory.

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