Siege of Alinja

Coordinates: 39°11′40″N 45°41′49″E / 39.194414°N 45.696859°E / 39.194414; 45.696859
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Siege of Alinja
Part of Timur's invasions of Georgia
Location39°11′40″N 45°41′49″E / 39.194414°N 45.696859°E / 39.194414; 45.696859
Result Timurid victory[1][2][3]
Jalayirid Sultanate Timurid Empire
Commanders and leaders
Tahir Tamerlane
Firuz Shah
Miran Shah
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The siege of Alinja (Georgian: ალინჯას ბრძოლა) occurred between the armies of the Jalayirid Sultanate and Timurid Empire starting in 1388. George VII of Georgia attacked the Timurid besiegers of the Alinja castle in 1399, and temporarily releasing those who had been imprisoned there throughout the eleven-year siege.[4][5] In retaliation, Tamerlane ravaged southern Georgia and northern Armenia, killing, destroying, and enslaving people.[4] The fortress managed to withstand the continued siege, but faced with starvation, surrendered in 1401.[1][6]


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